The Flying Show Expo - 2016 Exhibitors

A big thank you to everyone involved! For more information on our exhibitors and their fantastic products and services, check out the information below. We can't thank them enough for making the first Flying Show Expo a standout event, and can't wait until the next!



Mosquito Helicopters

  • Owner/Operator: Mark Rindel

“Mosquito Helicopters is the outcome of 20 years of research and development done by John Uptigrove, the now famous Canadian Engineer and Dwight Junkin, the creative composite genius.

The Mosquito's inovatively simple design make helicopter flight accessible to pilots or future pilots without the deep corporate pockets traditionally required for this truly amazing form of flight.

Kits are available either as a complete kit or in build stages.

An incredibly compact aircraft, it is without a doubt the only aircraft of its kind in Australia!”


Aerochute International Australia

  • Owner/Operator: Stephen Conte

“The Aerochute Ultralight powered parachute is a simple and safe way to fly.

The Aerochute Dual is a two seater powered parachute designed specifically with safety and ease of operation in mind. It is designed to be virtually stall or spin resistant and in the case of an engine failure it simply lands safely as a parachute would.

The Aerochute takes off from the ground with the parachute behind you.  Once the engine is started the propeller blows the canopy up and the Aerochute takes off within 10 - 15m.  Climbing and descending is controlled by using power through a foot throttle. 

Steering toggles (similar to parachutists) are used to turn left and right.  Landing is achieved by backing the power off and flaring the parachute just above the ground.”


Adventure Wings – Warbird Flights

  • Owner/Operators: Bec and Laurie Jones

“Experienced aerobatic pilot Laurie Jones and his wife Rebecca Green who live at Koo Wee Rup have invested in a Chinese warbird Nanchang CJ-6A and launched their new business 'Adventure Wings' at the Tooradin Airport for the thrill and excitement of warbird aerobatics.

Experience the excitement of a 10.2 litre, 9 cylinder supercharged radial engine roaring into life, powering you to speeds of up to 370 kilometres per hour and G-Forces of +6.5g’s if you dare. Take in the 360 degree views from your very own cockpit, complete with authentic instruments on this genuine military warbird.”


Xcitor Paratrikes

  • Owner/Operator: Rob Lowe

Rob has been flying Powered Parachutes since 2008 and have enjoyed every moment, but wanted something more.

“I imported the first XCitor (XC) from Germany into Australia in early 2013 after searching the world for a Powered Parachute that had the ability to fly cross country, was agile, modern and able to carry two adults comfortably and safely.

The XC can be used by flight schools to undertake pilot training. Flying the XC requires the pilot to hold a Pilot Cetificate (Powered Parachute) which is issued by RAA.

I searched the globe for a powered parachute that I believe to be the best..... I think I found it!”


Point Cook Flying Club

  • President: Robin Stanley

“The Point Cook Flying Club, or PCFC as it is known to its members, was founded in the mid 1970s by a group of Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) personnel with an interest in recreational GA flying.

A friendly environment for aviators and their families to gather and share aviation experiences. Flying from the Birthplace of Australian Military Aviation."


Airsports Flying School

  • Owner/Operator: Rod Birrell

“Enjoy an introduction to flying, it's exciting, a challenge, and a great experience. On a trial flight, after completing the take-off, your flight instructor will hand over the flight controls and you become the pilot. You can continue flying the aircraft for most of the remaining time in the air.

When you are ready to fly please phone us at AirSports Flying School on 0422 446 622, and book your flight!”


Trans Australia Airlines (TAA) Museum

  • Owner/Operator:

“The Trans-Australia Airlines Museum is the only aviation museum dedicated to the preservation of Australia's domestic aviation development, and formally recognises all participants in aviation development in this country.

Primarily focusing on TAA and AUSTRALIAN Airlines this collection is unique, and as such is recognised by QANTAS through its support, although it is a private collection.”


Gliding Federation of Australia

  • President: Mandy Temple

“The Gliding Federation of Australia is a long standing association of gliding clubs from across the states, linking like mind enthusiasts not only with each other, but allowing for a better way to engage the community in local aviation hobbies, education and training across a range of gliding aircraft.”


The PICO Air Club

  • Owner/Operator: Andrew Shipley

“The PICO Club, Australia's national powered paragliding club, have a display that will include backpack paramotors, wheeled base single seat and tandem paramotors. These are the lightest and simplest form of affordable personal flight that there is. Come and talk to the paramotor pilots themselves and see the gear that can get a man into the air in 5 minutes and still fits in your car.

Powered Paragliding, or "paramotoring - PPG" as it is often called, has been around in Australia since the 1980's. Back then it was small motorcycle engines in homemade frames running direct drive props. Now it is specially designed high performance motors in high tech, lightweight frames with most often carbon fibre props and sealed gearboxes”


Just Drones/Multirotorverse

  • Owners/Operators: Bob Guegan and Chris Patchell

“Just Drones based in Melbourne Australia are all about drones and anything quadcopter related.
Our range of drones has been carefully selected to bring the best of breed toy and hobby quadcopters to our customers.”


MultiRotorverse “We fly, build, repair, race and train you in flying Quadcopters | FPV Drones.


If you don’t know where to start or you don’t want to spend months researching, reading and buying piece after individual piece, well don’t wait any longer? Let us set you up with an FPV quadcopter with the best configuration and hardware and get you airborne!!

Based in Melbourne, Australia we custom build your multirotor, racing drone or aerial photo/video platform to meet your specific needs. All you need to do is learn to fly FPV.”


Swinburne: Engineering department of Aviation

  • Coordinator: Stephen Fankhauser

“A leader in aviation education for the past 20 years, Swinburne delivers innovative flying and aviation management programs.

Whether you’re interested in flying or aviation management, we offer courses that pave the way to a successful career.

Our courses are developed and reviewed in consultation with key players in the aviation industry, which ensures that our teaching is at the forefront of new developments. Our teaching staff have significant industry experience in international airline management, airline customer relationship management, flight crew, aerospace engineering and ground operations.”


Bacchus Marsh Gliding Club

  • Partner Organisations
    • Geelong Gliding Club
    • Melbourne Gliding Club
    • Bacchus Marsh Gliding Club

“Bacchus Marsh is the closest gliding facility to Melbourne. Thermals or wave, local soaring or cross country – it's all at Bacchus Marsh. The Melbourne Gliding Club is one of the largest and best equipped gliding clubs in Australia.

The Melbourne Gliding Club is a non commercial gliding club located near Melbourne at Bacchus Marsh. Our purpose is to provide a friendly environment with the most modern fleet in Australia to help club members realise their dream of silent flight. We have a team of GFA approved instructors to cater for all levels of glider flying from beginner to advanced cross country soaring and even aerobatics.

Every year the Melbourne Gliding Club holds numerous camps in fantastic locations to help club members get the most out of gliding.”


Baycity Microlights

  • Pilot/Instructor Eon Macdonald

Become a microlight pilot, Learn at your own pace with a Qualifed Instructor.


"Why not jump in a microlight for the flight of your life. Whether your interested in flying or just want to give it a go. Enjoy a relaxing flight taking in the best sights of the Bellarine Peninsula, Queenscliff, Point Nepean, Geelong and Anglesea.


A Microlight offers the best, most natural way to fly. With a high wing and low centre of gravity, the microlight (trike) is inherently stable. To get your full license you can study full or part-time and do part of the theory/study at home, but as flying a microlight is predominantly a practical experience much of your practice will be gleaned from a qualified instructor on the field. A microlight pilot license can be obtained with as little as 20 hours practical training which will include both ground time and flight time."


TVSA Pilot Training School

  • Owner/Operator: Daniel Pearson and Teri Rose Cree

“TVSA has been training pilots since 1982, making it one of the longest running flight training schools in Australia. At Tarago Valley School of Aviation (TVSA), we are dedicated to training pilots for a challenging and satisfying career in commercial aviation, or just flying as a recreational activity.

We know how strong the ambition to fly can be and we’ve been putting people like you in the cockpit of aeroplanes since 1982.  Longwarry was the first base of TVSA. Today we hold our campus at the Bacchus Marsh Aerodrome, flying seven days a week.

TVSA offers a complete range of flying courses. From beginner courses, which will take you to Solo standard, through to your Commercial Pilot Licence, and beyond, to an Instructor Rating and Instrument Rating Training.”

Australian Centre for Mission Aviation (ACMA)

  • CEO: Vanessa Lister

ACMA is helping fulfil the requirement for pilots and engineers to fly and work in remote areas where the need is great. Bringing help and hope by air to at risk communities in remote areas, we equip aviation leaders by providing relevant personal development training and technical skills to pilots and aircraft maintenance engineers. 

Field mission services that begin in Australia’s remote areas but continue to extend their reach internationally. We support mission aviation organisations, not for profit organisations, charities and key individuals in their mission to get supplies or support services to remote areas. “Mission” encompasses all of life.”


Bruce Atkinson

  • Aircraft: The Jamieson Hornet and EF7 Hang-glider

“The Jamieson Hornet was originally built by Colin Jamieson using experimental materials, including canoe molds, to build his fantastic 65 horsepower “Hornet” featuring a fibreglass/plywood and poly-styrofoam structure and covering!

The Ewin Fagan Hang-Glider model “EF7”, also owned by Bruce Atkinson, was originally built in the 1970s and has achieved some staggering feats of aviation in its own right! The glider has achieved a longest sustained flight of 7.2 hours, a highest altitude of 12,500 feet (4.1km) and travelled a distance of 232 kilometers in a single flight! A truly stellar example in its class.”


Sport-Copter Gyros

  • President & Chief Designer: Jim Vanek

“Sport-Copter Gyros offer one of the most intriguing ways to fly available in Australia, at a far more reasonable cost compared to other avenues of hobby aviation and flying. You can see Brett and the team from Sport Copter at The Flying Show Expo, where they will be displaying a number of unique Gyrocopters and gyro-aircraft to the public!”


RCM News Magazine

  • Owner/Operator: Stephen Green

“A bi-monthly publication first printed in 1991 by Brian and Dorothy Green to coincide with the FAI World Aerobatic, Pylon and Heli Championship held in Wangaratta. Published and edited by expert RC flyer Stephen Green each issue covers building, buying and flying.

Stephen has extensive model competition, commercial model flying and commercial RC flight training experience. Stephen has photographed much of Melbourne from the air, either by rc heli, plane or in a Cessna 172-182. TV, film and airshows at major motorsport events.”


B24 Liberator Restoration Society

  • President: Lyn Gorman

“This is the only remaining Liberator in the Southern Hemisphere and is one of only eight still existent in the world.

We have acquired some 90% of the airframe and 70% of its furniture and fittings from many parts of the world; a great deal of which was from generous benefactors.

This intricate restoration work is proceeding in one of the impressive World War II hangars on the old Werribee airfield - just outside Melbourne in Victoria. It is our intention to eventually have the airframe completely restored.”


Hang-gliders: Peter Holloway


“Peter Holloway will this year be displaying his fantastic collection of Hang-Gliders to the public at The Flying Show Expo.

Hang-Gligers have long been an affordable, safe way to achieve flight for the common hobbyist and enthusiast. Better yet, the properties of a hang-glider don’t require the maintenance and ongoing operation costs of any powered aircraft, providing a long term saving for those looking to get into the hobby”



The Flying UFO

  • Owner/Operator: David Rowe

“Featuring at the first Flying Show Expo, the “Flying UFO” (Short for Useless Flying Object courtesy of David Rowe’s wife), is the fourth of a series of hand build prototypes, designed by aviation enthusiast and pilot David Rowe.

Build between January and December 2015, and powered by a 52 horsepower Rotax 503 engine, the Flying UFO boasts a compact 4 meter wingspan and only weighs 145kg when empty!”