Season 2 Episode 7 on DVD
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The Flying Show - Season 2 Episode 7 on DVD



 In Part 2 of our Adventures at AusFly*, we are privileged to meet with Charles Manning, one of the famous RAAF Roulettes! But before that, we have a chinwag with Mark Willard, a member of the no less impressive aerobatic team, the Russian "Roolettes"!


Then we leave AusFly to visit one of Carlos' old stomping grounds in Werribee, where Becky, who is no older than 15, is about to take off on a Solo flight in something rather close to Carlos' heart - yes, it's the return of the 'Flying Go-Cart", The Aerochute!


*after this episode was filmed and broadcasted, the event has been renamed to "OzKosh", after the famous "OshKosh" event in the USA. Just thought you should know if you wanted to search for tickets.